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Winter Park Family Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Winter Park Dentistry- post care guide after crown placement

These are post care instructions for anybody who’s had a crown put in, or a veneer, or any kind of indirect cementation of a crown, veneer, inlay, onlay, any of the above. My biggest take home message for most patients is, let me know if the bite is off. That’s probably the most common problem, especially on back teeth. If you’re numbed up to have the crown put on, sometimes you don’t know if your bite is even. Please, get back to me if the bite feels off, that’s very important. The tooth can be sensitive for a few days but most of the time you’ve had a temporary on, and most of the time, if there’s sensitivity with the temporary, or pain or any kind of issues, I try to work that out with a temporary, so I normally don’t put on a permanent crown on a tooth that’s still painful or hypersensitive to  hot or cold or sweets, or anything like that. Usually there’s a reason, which we try to get to the bottom of before the final crown, but in general you should have little to no sensitivity on the tooth, and the bite should feel okay, normal, even, and you should be able to floss, most of the time, unless there’s a dental bridge, which you should know about if it is, you have to use a floss threader to properly floss around and under a bridge. If you cannot floss, let me know. Call the office, there could be some cement, or issues like that, but usually it’s very easily fixed. Thank you.



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