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Winter Park Family Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Our Doctors and Team

Our Team

I may definitely am very biased on the subject of our staff.  I think KNOW that we have one of the best teams on this planet!  I'm sure there are dental staffs as good as ours but not better.  Why so confident?  Simple.....I hired and trained each and every one of them :)  We are a team united!  We (better) understand that when people need us we get them appointed as soon as possible.  We give straight forward clinical advise with as many options as possible to fit their desires and budget.  We let our patients make decisions that best suits them without judgment.  We never EVER chastise (or scold) our patients if they haven't seen a dentist in a while, instead we welcome them back and pick up wherever they left off.  I could go on and on for days about why I think we are an exceptional dental team and office.'ll just have to see for yourself if I'm crazy.  Feel free to browse each of our short introductory bios below.  I hope my staff doesn't make me a liar if we get to meet you!!

Meet Our Team

R Mark Matar DMD -Dentist

I'm Ramzi Matar (Mark is my middle name so if its easier to pronounce that works well also.  I'm the owner of the office and writer of this website (I apologize for any typos.)  I love what I do and love making dentistry less complicated and simple for my patients to decide what they want (or don't want) to do.  Outside of the office I serve as a dentist in the Florida Army National Guard spending one weekend per month doing exams on our soldiers which I absolutely love doing.  I tell bad jokes during treatment and usually talk to my patient the whole time while I'm working on them which makes no sense because they can never answer me.  I love country music and grew up wanting to be a break dancer, became a dentist instead :)

Christopher Resnik DMD Prosthodontist

This is Dr. Resnik.  He is our Prosthodontist, most people have no idea what a prosthodontist does, but trust me it means he's really really good, that's why I'm glad to have him on my side with complex dental cases and dental implants.  He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and recently moved down here to join the team. He attended dental school and a three-year Prosthodontics residency at the University of Pittsburgh, where he received his masters degree associated with dental implant research. He is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI) and a faculty member of the Misch Dental Implant Institute. He is a contributing author of two of the most popular textbooks on Oral Implantology. He is an avid golfer and a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan. He's trying to become a pro stand up paddle boarder so he can retire early from dentistry so wish him luck with that if you see him.  

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