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When you think of dentures, do you picture rigid, ill-fitting teeth that look unnatural? If so, you’ll be happy to know that we believe dentures can be both natural-looking and functional, giving you a smile you can be proud of. At our office, we create beautiful, natural-looking dentures that fit the unique shape of your face, your jaw line, and joint movement.

The design and fit of dentures has changed significantly in the past 20 years. Unlike rigid dentures of the past, today’s dentures are created from comfortable materials that are flexible and significantly reduce the usual irritation that denture-wearers have experienced in the past.

Replace Old, Uncomfortable Dentures

Old dentures that do not fit properly can cause discomfort and pain when you speak and chew. They may also cause your face to wrinkle or sag and generally make you look older than you are. It is not unusual for the fit of old dentures to change because the shape of your jaw can change over time, leaving you with teeth that look and feel like they belong to someone else.

Replacing old dentures is good for your overall health as well as your appearance. We replace old, worn-out dentures with custom-made, state-of-the-art dentures that blend with your skin, hair, and eye color for dentures that look as natural as possible.

Whether you need new dentures or would like to replace your old dentures, you can be assured that the professional team at our Maitland dentist office will create a beautiful smile and enhance your appearance. Dr. Matar works with our associate, Dr. Jon Wilkins, a board certified prosthodontist who is highly trained and experienced in all cosmetic dental procedures including placement of dentures.

What Types of Dentures Are Available?

When considering dentures, you do have options. Depending on your needs, we will help you choose the one that is right for you.

  • Partial dentures are designed to act as placeholders to fill spaces left by missing teeth. They are an effective aesthetic solution but also perform the important function of preventing surrounding teeth from drifting into the empty space.
  • Complete dentures are used when all of your teeth are missing. When placing complete dentures, dental implants may be used to provide stability and improve overall comfort and functionality.
  • Immediate dentures are formed and ready to be placed as soon as the patient has all their teeth removed. This eliminates the need for the patient to go without teeth while their gums heal.
  • Conventional dentures are placed only after the patient’s gums have been allowed to heal after teeth are removed.

We know that facing the prospect of having dentures placed can be a bit overwhelming for many patients. But you can feel completely comfortable with our team of highly trained and experienced professionals who will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. The end result is a beautiful and natural-looking smile that you can be proud of.

Please contact our Maitland dentist office for more information about dentures or to schedule a consultation with our experienced professional team to discuss your needs.

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