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Winter Park Family Dentistry and Prosthodontics

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Welcome to Winter Park Family Dentistry & Prosthodontics.  Thanks for stopping by and reading this short introduction to the office.  We try our best to be the obvious choice for anyone looking for a family dentist or a dental specialist in Central Florida (although if you live further away and want to travel we’d be glad to have you as well :)

Who we are, what we are about

I’m Mark I bought this office back in 2006 after finishing dental school at the University of Colorado.  Now, the office consists of Dr. Resnik and I and the hardest working dental team ever!! (P.S. I’m very biased, I hired & trained them all.) You can read more about both of our backgrounds, training, education and what we do outside of the office here in our personal biographies.

General office Vibe

We try to be a welcoming and personable office.  You will usually talk to the same person who answers the phone when you come in.  Most of my patients have my cell number (hint: it's at the top of this page also :) if you contact the office via text or email there is about a 50/50 chance, I'll be the one replying.  We are open and honest about our policies, practices, and fees. Our preferred method of communication is via text messaging...we have a dedicated 24/7/365 text line that you can text us general questions.  That number is 407-801-2650.

What people think about us

It's no secret that Google reviews are what people use the most to gauge us.  It’s easy to read what our patient's are saying.  We are very appreciative of the good reviews, equally we take the negative reviews seriously.  I personally read and respond to every review.  I always try to remedy any bad experiences with patients directly when possible.  This keeps me connected to my patients, gives me a pulse on how my office is doing.

Dental Insurance

Insurance is always an important topic for patients that have it.  So, I’ll address it here.  We are out of network with most insurances.  For many years I was in-network with several plans, over time it’s become harder and harder to run my office and keep up with the ever-changing payment policies and rules of each plan.  I many times would end up with a disgruntled patients due to an insurance rule or limitation that I had no idea existed, this became too common and too difficult to manage.   I realize that many patients can't or won't see an out of network doctor due to the potential of added cost.  See below for how we try to remedy that obstacle.


I hope this short introduction helps you get acquainted with us.  We are always happy to have new patients going to our office and please contact us via all the methods below  :)

24/7/365 TEXT LINE 407-801-2650
Office phone: 407-644-0177


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