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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling: Effective or Damaging?

The term oil pulling has nothing really to do with pulling. It is merely the act of swishing oil around in your mouth. Most of the times sesame oil and coconut oil are recommended for use. According to a number of myths, this act is healthy and improves the user’s oral hygiene. Some people believe in those supposed facts or opinions while others do not. But now science has intervened to state the facts about the act and debunk the myths surrounding it.


Oil pulling has always caught people’s attention because it claims to detoxify the body. Although this claim has pulled many people’s legs and they went forward with pursuing the act, but it is a fact that rinsing your mouth with oil definitely does not detoxify your body. The movement might as well remove a layer of plaque from your teeth, but that is as far as any help it might give goes. One might as well use motor oil, no?

Risks Are Involved

Perhaps whoever advertised this act or campaigned for oil pulling forgot to mention the risks involved. If they had not, perhaps we would not need to list down these points today. Most of the times, brushing and flossing are more than enough to maintain your teeth’s hygiene and oral health, but many people are already contemplating oil pulling. Their say: what’s the harm really? For one it takes a lot of your time. You need to indulge in the act for a full 20 minutes while flossing and brushing combined take 4. Plus, for those who have not heard of lipoid pneumonia are in for a surprise.

Inhaling aerosolized oil contributes to this specific form of pneumonia and swirling oil around your mouth for twenty minutes every day definitely places you at risk of acquiring it. This is a side effect which has ever been mentioned before, whether purposefully or not, one cannot really tell.

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