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Healthy Smile - Lucky in Love??

Healthy Smile, Lucky in Love

Why do we smile in photographs? Why do we make sure to not frown when meeting someone new? What does a smile symbolize? In our culture, a smile conveys happiness. We like happy people because they instantly change our mood too. Studies suggest that people who smile frequently appear as sincere and competent. They also look friendly, kind, and easy-going – all positive personality traits! And that is why smiling makes you look more attractive. 
According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, out of 1,000 survey participants, 85% said that they find people with nice teeth as attractive. Yellow teeth, for example, show signs of aging. In a youth-obsessed culture, it is no surprise that celebrities opt for professional whitening services. But white teeth do not necessary mean a healthy mouth. A beautiful smile includes healthy appearing gums too! Regular dental checkups and optimal dental hygiene are important in maintaining overall good health and a beautiful smile. Perhaps what makes one attractive is the confidence to smile often and to converse with new people, without worrying about bad breath or a receding gum line. Confidence and a friendly personality attract. That’s why a healthy smile may mean extra luck in the love department. 

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