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Dentist may have a role in lowering obesity

Dentist may have a role in lowering obesity:

A recent study out of Yale school of public health had found a correlation between the obesity rates of a county and the number of dentist in that same region.  For every 1 additional dentist there is per 10,000 people there was a 1% drop in the obesity rate in that county.  There was a 1.7% drop of obesity rate for each additional primary care physician per 10,000 making the impact almost twice as significant for primary care physicians.  It is not yet clear what the causal relationship is for dentists and obesity rates, but the Yale school of public health will be doing more research on the topic.  For now we can all be glad that you can text us 24/7/365 at 407-801-2243 or call us at 407-644-0177 and we are always happy to see you for your dental needs! 
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