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Can teeth whitening revive my dull-looking smile?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments offered at our Winter Park Family Dentistry office. It is a very simple procedure that can be done in less than an hour and provides remarkable, dramatic results.

It is natural for our teeth to become dull and discolored as we age. If you think about it, your teeth are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, including the foods and drinks you enjoy on a daily basis. As we get older, dental enamel becomes more porous, attracting small particles of these tooth-staining substances.

Regular brushing and flossing are certainly important for maintaining great oral health, but they don’t do much to actually whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening products purchased over-the-counter are minimally effective but simply cannot match the results of professional teeth whitening.

Our Winter Park dental office offers two types of teeth whitening treatments. Professional whitening done in our office takes an hour or less and produces dramatic results, whitening your teeth up to eight shades.

We also provide our patients with professional take-home kits that contain a custom whitening tray that fits your teeth perfectly providing maximum contact with the whitening gel we prescribe.

Please contact our office for more information or to arrange an appointment for teeth whitening that will truly transform your smile!

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