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Winter Park Family Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Why do I need a deep cleaning?

Using preventive treatments to stop periodontal disease from developing is one of our top priorities at our Winter Park dental office. When combined with patient education, we can stop gum disease in its tracks and preserve your oral health.

Despite our best efforts, though, periodontal disease may still develop and require us to use certain dental treatments to eliminate it. As gum disease advances, little pockets can form between your teeth and gums.

These tiny spaces are a perfect place for bacteria to linger, allowing gum disease to spread and damage gum tissue and bone supporting your teeth. Once periodontal disease reaches this stage, a deep cleaning will be needed to remove bacteria and infected gum tissue and stimulate the regrowth of healthy tissue.

During a deep cleaning, our hygienist uses special instruments to carefully remove tartar, plaque, and harmful bacteria from around your teeth and under the gums. In some cases, it may be necessary for us to prescribe antibiotics to ensure that the infection is completely eliminated.

Avoiding periodontal disease is very important as it can lead to serious oral health problems as well as affecting your overall health. Good oral hygiene habits and regular exams and cleanings at our Winter Park dental office will put you on the right path to oral health and help eliminate the possibility of developing gum disease.

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