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Children and Pacifiers




Dr Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry):

Hello, welcome to this episode of our podcast. Today we’re talking about a common question for children, for baby teeth, and it is the old classic pacifier. I get a lot of mothers that ask me when do we get rid of the pacifier, does it cause problems, does it make your teeth crooked, when should I get them off the pacifier? I’m going to give you some recommendations, this is springtime 2015. I’m going to go through a recent article I read that was interesting that talks about the pros and cons ...

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Toothaches and Dental Wisdom Teeth (Third Molars)


Dr Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry):

Hello, and welcome to this episode of our podcast. Today’s episode we’re going to revisit the topic of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are source of a lot of emergencies, a lot of emergency dental care, late night phone calls, late night tooth aches and every dentist knows that wisdom teeth are somewhat controversial in the sense that a lot of patients don’t want to take them out, they feel like it is a waste to take them out, because they’ve known people that have had their wisdom teeth all their life, and they feel reluctant to ...

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Tooth Whitening and Tooth Bleaching



Dr Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry):

Hello, and welcome to this episode of this podcast. Today we’re here talking about a very popular subject, which is tooth whitening. I’m going to start off by making a little delineation, which is important, but I think most people wouldn’t know, because it’s sort of internal verbage. I’m going to be talking about vital tooth bleaching, which is what commonly people know as whitening their teeth. The reason I say that is because there is non-vital tooth whitening, which is when a tooth is necrotic, or when it’s dead. I nickname ...

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Do We Take Your Insurance?

Its EASY to check if we take your insurance!

Just take a picture (FRONT AND BACK PLEASE) of your dental insurance card on your cell phone and text it to us at 407-801-2650

Include your Full Name and Date Of Birth in the text. 

Our insurance team will check your insurance and get back to you ASAP and give you the details

See how easy that is!!

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Sleeping in dentures doubles risk of elderly developing pneumonia

Sleeping in dentures doubles risk of elderly developing pneumonia 
Winter Park Family Dentistry and Prosthodontics takes note of recent study that shows sleeping in dentures doubles the risk of pneumonia in the elderly
Orlando, FL- Lead researcher Toshimitsu Iinuma of Nihon University School of Dentistry, Japan has recently published a study showing a two fold increase in pneumonia risk in elderly patients that sleep in their dentures.   
"We always recommend that patients with dentures not to sleep with their prosthesis in.  But due to social and memory issues we know its often an arduous task for patients to comply with our recommendations" says Dr. Matar.
A common misconception is that if a patient has no natural teeth and a complete denture ...

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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling: Effective or Damaging?

The term oil pulling has nothing really to do with pulling. It is merely the act of swishing oil around in your mouth. Most of the times sesame oil and coconut oil are recommended for use. According to a number of myths, this act is healthy and improves the user’s oral hygiene. Some people believe in those supposed facts or opinions while others do not. But now science has intervened to state the facts about the act and debunk the myths surrounding it.


Oil pulling has always caught people’s attention because it claims to ...

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