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Winter Park Family Dentistry and Prosthodontics


Winter Park Dentistry-Pediatric (baby) tooth trauma




Dr. Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry): Hello everybody, welcome to this episode of our video podcast. Today’s episode is about Baby Tooth Trauma. Our special guest today is Dr. Kelly Mansour, she’s a pediatric dentist, studied at the University of Florida, die hard University of Florida undergrad, dental school specialty, everything everything. This is kind of a little bit of a personal topic for me, because out of all the years I’ve been practicing there’s only a few times that I get parents or patients of mine calling me absolutely hysterical at 3 in the morning, eleven o’clock, all hours of day, my ...

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Winter Park Dentistry-Orthodontics (braces)





Dr. Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry): Hello everybody, welcome to this episode of our video podcast. Today we have a very important topic, it is orthodontics, normally known as braces. Today I have an orthodontist, a specialist, who does strictly that, and his name is Dr. David McIntosh. I’ve got to tell you, I get more questions about braces than anything else. I’ve got to tell you a story; my brother has a child, a daughter due in 3 months. His wife called me and wanted to know if her daughter’s going to need braces. I said “you know, it’s just a little ...

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Laser Gum Surgery (LANAP) -Winter Park Dentistry





Dr. Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry): Hello everybody, welcome to this episode of our video podcast. Today we have our guest Dr. Dan Quevedo, and our topic is a very common or upcoming procedure called LANAP, it stands for Laser Assisted Periodontal Surgery. I’ll let you get into the exact definition of LANAP, but that’s the common terminology for it. I’m very excited to have Dr. Quevedo, reason being that I’ve known you for years, I’ve known you from message boards and we happen to practice nearby from one another, I’ve been a fan of yours for years and years and every time ...

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Acceledent (Fast Braces) Podcast




Dr. Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry): Hello everybody, welcome to this episode of our podcast. Today’s episode is going to be about a new emerging technology called Acceledent. If you guys watched this podcast about orthodontics or braces, we briefly mentioned it, because I’ve seen that certainly there’s a trend of trying to get braces done quicker. We see six months braces, we see a lot of advertisements, a lot of ways of braces getting done, so it sounds like the consumer demand is for that. So today I have my special guest Shawn Orell, he is the territory ...

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Bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Boniva) Podcast




Dr. Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry): Hello everybody, thanks and welcome to this episode of our podcast. Today’s topic is going to be about oral bisphosphonates, or in general bisphosphonate drugs. It’s kind of an interesting topic, a hot topic in dentistry, and today’s guest is none other than Dr. Andonis Terezides, he is an oral maxillofacial surgeon. I’m going to brag on you a little bit. You are an oral surgeon, you started school, your track to become an oral surgeon, because I’ve known you so many years, was extensive, I don’t think I know anybody who has ...

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Dr. Matar discusses current Listerine product line up

See our video podcast on the current Listerine product group, then see below for full transcript:





Hello everybody and welcome to this podcast episode. Today we are talking about a very popular product, Listerine. I will tell you, at my office, anytime we get samples, nothing flies off the shelf faster than Listerine. It is the ultimate crowd pleaser, at least for me at my office. Patients love it, they love getting their samples, and they love rinsing with it at my office. So I think it’s pretty important because Listerine has a very large product lineup and I want to go ...

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Healthy Smile - Lucky in Love??

Healthy Smile, Lucky in Love

Why do we smile in photographs? Why do we make sure to not frown when meeting someone new? What does a smile symbolize? In our culture, a smile conveys happiness. We like happy people because they instantly change our mood too. Studies suggest that people who smile frequently appear as sincere and competent. They also look friendly, kind, and easy-going – all positive personality traits! And that is why smiling makes you look more attractive. 
According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, out of 1,000 survey participants, 85% said that they find people with nice teeth as attractive. Yellow teeth, for example, show ...

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