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Sleep Disordered Breathing

The following are the show notes from Dr. Brian Fusilier


Sleep Disordered Breathing

1. What is sleep disordered breathing? Sleep disordered breathing is struggled breathing while an individual sleeps. Typically,
an individual with sleep disordered breathing is unaware of this struggle to breath.
2. Why should I be concerned about sleep disordered breathing? Sleep deprivation is associated with the development of
chronic pain, increased risk of stroke, increased risk of heart attack, increased risk of cancer, depression, and not to mention
death by falling asleep while driving.
3. What is one lost night‘s sleep like? One night of lost sleep is equivalent to driving impairment equal to an individual
consuming 4 beverages ...

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Winter Park Dentistry-Podcast on Gum Grafting




Dr. Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry): Hello everybody, welcome to this episode of my podcast. Today’s topic is connective tissue grafting, otherwise known as gum grafting, and today my guest is Dr. Scott Cohen. Dr. Cohen is a board certified periodontist, which is somebody who does a lot of gum treatments, gum surgery, anything involving the gums. Scott I do know that you did your training, your specialty training at the University of Washington in Seattle. Not even a week ago Seattle was not able to double up and have a Super Bowl back to back victory, so I ...

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Winter Park Dentistry-Wisdom Teeth Podcast (part 1)




Dr. Ramzi Matar (Winter Park Dentistry): Hello everybody, welcome to this episode of our podcast. Today’s episode is about wisdom teeth, or third morals, certainly a lot of nicknames, they seem to be a rite of passage for everybody, growing up. Today’s guest, I have Dr. Jeff Beattie, he’s an oral maxillofacial surgeon, he’s one of the certified specialists in the dental field here in the US, and I’m really excited to have you on to talk about wisdom teeth. You handle wisdom teeth probably every day, and I really want to get your thoughts, what you ...

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Winter Park Dentistry-Wisdon Teeth Podcast (Part 2)




Now, there’s a quick clarification, when we talk about sedation, many patients are confused and they assume it’s something like in a hospital where you have an anesthesiologist that gives you medication, you stop breathing, there are tubes connected to a machine, it’s breathing for you while an operation’s done. That’s not what we do at our offices. An office is a patient setting where you’re sedated, we give you medication, and it’s just like a common colonoscopy, if any parents are watching this and have had a colonoscopy they know exactly how it’s done. We give you ...

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How do I choose the right toothbrush for me?

How do I choose "The Best Toothbrush"- Whats right for me?

We still find that the majority of our patients use and are able to keep their mouths healthy with a traditional manual toothbrush.  Some mouths have specific needs and a more specialized toothbrush.  Walking down the isle of a drug store will have you thinking that you need the brightest, flashiest, newest brush with bristles that look like their on growth hormone, fact is these are rarely the BEST brush for you.  Read below for our guide on how to choose the best manual toothbrush for you. 


Size: The size of the ...

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Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Brushes?

Is An Electric Toothbrush Better Than a Manual Toothbrush? 

Most studies will show that electric (powered) toothbrushes clean more effectively than manual toothbrushes.  So should everyone pitch their trusty manual brush? NO! The vast majority of our patients have adequate home care with traditional  manual toothbrushes.  


Electric (powered) toothbrushes have built in features that make home care more intuitive:

1. Timers- Reminds you how long to brush each part "quadrant" of your mouth.

2. Pressure indicators- preventing you from brushing too aggresively, overbrushing can be very damaging to teeth and lead to recession and sensitivity

3. ...

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Post Operative Pain Management

Pain in dentistry can vary from slight to severe.  We normally recommend that any patient having dental treatment that requires anesthetic (to be numbed up) have either tylenol or advil at the start of the appointment.  This helps reduce the chance of post treatment sorness from the needle or arising from the procedure itself.  Prescription pain medicine is prescribed by the dentist if he/she feels you will need more pain managment.  Below you will find a pain medicine progression that can be taken depending on the severity of the pain. 

Mild pain/Sorness:

Ice pack on cheek for 10-15 minutes every hour + 600 mg of ibuprofen (Advil) 4 times daily (breakfast, lunch, ...

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