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Mary Ann is the longest standing member of our team, starting with this office 22 years ago!   Although my name may be on the front door, it is rumored that she is actually my boss, and I don't deny or confirm that rumor. I think from her picture you may be able to guess out where Mary Ann grew up.  She has been married to Steve for 26 years and is the proud mother of two sons, Tom and Nick.  She is an Ohio State graduate and a Buckeye thru and thru, so Gators beware!!!  Patients have been known to nickname her "butterfly hands", as she is known for her incredible care and soft touch. The only complaints we receive about her, are that it's too tough to get an appointment with her as she has become very popular over the years.  On her spare time she and her husband go to car shows where her husband is a judge and a certified care buff.  She has families that she has been treating parents all the way down the family tree to grandchildren for 22 years now!!

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