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Debbie - Dental Hygienist

Debbie has been working as Dr Hawley’s dental hygienist for over 30 years. I’m NOT calling her old, she just started with him when she was very young.  If you are reading this bio and are a patient of Dr Hawley’s then she has most likely treated you, your parents, your cousins, brothers, kids, nephews, grandparents….you get the point. 

When Dr. Hawley and I merged our office I was naturally getting to know the patients.  I would ask Debbie if she knew anything about the patients for the day and boy, did I get an ear full! She could tell me who was married to whom, how many children they had, what colleges they go to (hopefully the RIGHT one...we all know what a big GATOR fan she is!), where they went on their last vacation, what their favorite color is, and of course, what flavor tooth paste they like!!

I think you get the idea of how that conversation went down.  I couldn’t believe how much and how incredibly well she knows her patients.  Her relationship with all her patients is about as close to an extended family as possible.  It’s clear to me her job is an extension of her life and that’s truly admirable.  She truly loves her job and is an exceptional hygienist and an even better person. She has two grown children with 4 grandkids between them and spends her weekends spoiling them. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and baking and bakes a MEAN carrot cake whenever we have birthdays at the office.

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